About Twelve Eleven

Twelve Eleven is a Nonprofit Charitable Foundation 501(c)(3) established in 1991 to engage in activities of sharing the Christian message through books, classes, video, dramatizations, support groups, conferences and personal ministry.


The Rev. Cathie P. Young, Christian pastor, teacher, and author serves as President of Twelve Eleven.  She, with her husband Philip and other team members, share the testimony of the value of all human life and for the love God has for all he has made.  ​  Where does the name Twelve Eleven come from?  From Romans 12:11 - "Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord."   

Our Mission


All human life holds inexpressible God-given value from its beginning to its natural end.   We uphold and support the value of each life in a four-fold approach to ministry:

  • We bring dignity to the lives of those who suffer, most especially from cancer, providing practical, emotional and spiritual support.

  • We engage in activities which promote an awareness of the value of life in the womb and to life’s natural ending.

  • We uphold Christian marriage as a holy manner of life by which a man and a woman can grow in both their union with God and with one another.

  • We provide teaching at classes, seminars and conferences on Christian matters which illuminate a deeper understanding of God's value for all human beings and His love for all He has made.



Giving witness to the value of all human life

Cancer with Compassion 

Comforting others with the comfort we have received from God.  2 Corinthians 1:4

Cancer support is a strong focus for Twelve Eleven.  With chapters in both California and Oregon, we provide support groups, prayer, and one-on-one support for cancer patients in treatment, survivors, and the loved ones of someone with cancer.  Our support groups provide a safe place to share and a soft place to land for cancer patients in a compassionate, prayerful Christian environment.  Prior to the Covid pandemic, support groups met in person, but now meet virtually via Zoom -- anyone, anywhere can join us.  Some groups are now beginning to meet in-person outdoors, meeting physical distancing stipulations.  Contact us for more information on our Cancer with Compassion support groups.

Visit the Cancer with Compassion website and fill out the contact form. 


Through the Cancer Storm with Jesus Christ


This poignant book chronicles the journey through the cancer storm of Twelve Eleven President Cathie Young.  Sharing with authenticity and keen spiritual insight, Cathie brings valuable information about cancer and the way it affects both body and soul.  The star of this book is Jesus Christ whose presence shines like gold in the hard road of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Gold in the Road is a beautifully written, imperative read for anyone who yearns
to face life's toughest problems without being swallowed up by them."  

Suzanne Meindl​

Five stars on Amazon.com.  Get your free copy - go to cancerwithcompassion.com and fill in the Contact Form.  Ask for "Free Book."

The Sanctity of Life
from Conception to Natural Death

"All the days ordained for me were

written in your book before one of them

came to be."  Psalm 139:16

Twelve Eleven teaches that all life is created by God and is precious to him.  We celebrate, honor, and protect life from conception to natural death and every stage in between.  In our present culture there are sadly many ways to disrespect, disregard, cause harm to or even end the lives of the most vulnerable among us -- the young, the sick, the elderly, the unwanted, the unborn.  It is the duty and privilege of Twelve Eleven to educate others and engage in activities which protect human life and to affect a change in our culture to value life at all stages.   Rev. Cathie Young, Twelve Eleven President, speaks to these important issues at conferences around the nation.  At Anglicans for Life SUMMIT 2019 she spoke to the value of the lives of those suffering with chronic, even terminal illness such as cancer.

"The Joy of Sanctified Suffering"   January 17, 2019

Christian Marriage

"A man is united to his wife, and they become one flesh." Genesis 2:24

Marriage was the first covenant established by God in creation and in it is found the union which signifies the love between Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:32).  While all do not marry, Holy Matrimony symbolizes the union all Christians share with the Lord.  Marriage is to be a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman and it is to be honored among all people.  Twelve Eleven upholds Marriage by offering both pre-marital and marriage classes and counseling.  As well, Philip and Rev. Cathie Young are available as guest speakers on a wide range of marriage topics.

Classes, Seminars and Conferences

Rev. Cathie Young attended Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California for her Master of Divinity degree and is an ordained Anglican minister.  She served as a pastor for many years and is a winsome and inspirational speaker on a wide range of Christian topics.  As well, her dramatizations of Biblical characters and events are moving and instructive.  She and her husband Philip were married in 1986 and have served the Lord together for more than 25 years.  Together they lead Twelve Eleven and are speakers at classes, conferences and church events.

"Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning."  Proverbs 9:9

View Rev. Cathie's dramatization of what it would have been like to be the Hebrew midwife who might have assisted Mary at the birth of her firstborn son Jesus.  Though her story is not in the Canon of Scripture, history supports the probability of someone like this forgotten midwife.


To Support Twelve Eleven

Twelve Eleven Ministries is a Christian non-profit foundation 501(c)(3) and your contributions are tax deductible.  Donations go to support the work of Twelve Eleven including our ministry to cancer sufferers and on behalf of the sanctity of life and marriage.  Twelve Eleven has earned the Gold Star Seal of Transparency by Guidestar, an organization which  provides information that enables users to make better decisions regarding charitable giving.

To learn more about how to give, use the Contact Form located below.  We thank you for your generosity and support of Twelve Eleven Ministries.

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